Power Controller - REVO-C 2PH 600V-700A

Part Number:
REVO-C 2PH 600V-700A

A wealth of options include Wi-Fi, Datalogging, Energy Totalising, Current Limit and Heater Break Alarm as well as industry standard communications options such as Modbus, Profibus & Profinet, enabling equipment and factory automation.

Firing Range
Zero Cross (ZC), Burst Firing (BF)
Modbus RTU as standard, Profibus DP and Profinet as option.
Current Limit, Heater Break Alarm, WiFi, Datalogging, Energy Totalizer.
Ideal For
All load types

For design engineers who are dissatisfied with older-style power switches, CD Automation’s REVO-C is an intelligent family of power controllers that deliver breakthrough thermal performance, extended heater life and now with smartphone integration.

REVO-C’s intelligent design includes an abundance of features to get your system online faster and maintain the thermal process with unrivalled precision, including:

  • Plug and play PC configuration software
  • An intuitive application wizard that automatically recommends configuration settings based on load type
  • A real character OLED display
  • Intelligent trouble shooting with built-in diagnostics
  • Quick access to SCRs and replaceable semiconductor fuses

Easy to use and free, our smartphone app now allows you to connect to the power controller directly without opening the cabinet door, allowing you to monitor the status of the REVO-C unit and process variables in real time. Menus include:

  • Status menu gives indication of run state, whether enabled/disabled & digital inputs
  • Values menu shown for voltage, current and setpoint value
  • Alarm menu indicates if SCR is in short circuit, heater break and over temperature of heatsink
  • Setup menu; quickly set-up the power unit for your application
  • Remote control menu gives you the ability to change specific parameters live
  • Assistance menu; your parameter list can be emailed directly to the engineers to fault find

Controller firing types for two phase control (2 leg switching of 3 phase) include zero cross and burst firing. These smart algorithms enable the product to easily control heater element types including nichrome and infrared lamps. REVO-C uses control feedback to immediately adjust thermal performance and keep your application’s temperature constant. Combining the functionality of SCR switching, voltage sensing, data logging, Wi-Fi, current sensing, semiconductor fusing and more, the REVO-C simplifies your system by reducing inventory and installation costs.

REVO-C’s breakthrough performance is enabled by a robust SCR design that meets the quality and reliability needs of rugged industrial environments. This performance has been validated with stringent testing that meets or exceeds industrial test standards and is backed by numerous agency certifications. REVO-C is UL 508 certified to reduce costs associated with agency testing and shorten your project schedule.

CD Automation’s REVO-C 2PH power controllers are available in sizes ranging from 30 to 2100 Amps with a variety of features making it suitable for a wide range of applications. If you are interested in learning more about how REVO-C can give your company a competitive edge, please contact CD Automation UK direct by requesting a FREE no-obligation quick quote using the button above. 


More Information
Product NamePower Controller - REVO-C 2PH 600V-700A

Thyristor Configurator

Thyristor Configurator Software. Version V5.7.0.2. 23.7MB download file size.

Firing RangeZero Cross (ZC), Burst Firing (BF)
Input Signal

DC logic (SSR), 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10Vdc, 10K Pot

CommunicationModbus RTU as standard, Profibus DP and Profinet as option.
Feedback TypeVoltage (V), Current (I) and Power (VxI), or Voltage Square (V2) and Current Square (I2) with additional transfer to VxI
OptionCurrent Limit, Heater Break Alarm, WiFi, Datalogging, Energy Totalizer.
Ideal ForAll load types
ApprovalscUL and CE + EMC approved
AltitudeOver 1000m of altitude reduce the nominal current of 2% for each 100m.
Auxiliary Voltage Supply

90:130Vac 8VA Max
170:265Vac 8VA Max (Standard)
230:345Vac 8VA Max
300:530Vac 8VA Max (Standard)
510:690Vac 8VA Max

Controlled Phases2
Heater Break AlarmTo diagnose partial or total load failure with automatic setup, relay alarm output and LED indication, available as an option
HumidityFrom 5 to 95% but without condensation or surface ice
MountingDIN-Rail or Screw mounting
Load Type3 Phase (3 wire - no neutral)
Panel SealingIP20
Storage Temperature -25 °C to 50 °C Max
Voltage Power Supply480V, 600V and 690Vac
Voltage FrequencyAutomatically from 47 to 70 Hz

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