Data Recorder KD7

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Videographic Recorder 3 to 12 Channels by LUMEL - KD7
The KD7 from Lumel is a videographic paperless data recorder capable of measuring, recording, visualising and supervising technical process parameters in a variety of industrial applications.

The user-friendly programming system is based on Microsoft Windows and can display the data in a variety of charts, graphs, digital and analogue values on its LCD TFT 5.7in colour touch-screen. Alternatively data can be sent to a PC to be checked and archived using Lumel's software. The KD7 has its own internal memory as well as an additional memory card to record data.

KD7 recorder complies with regulation 21 CFR Part 11, regulation for electronic records and signatures issued by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

A range of high performance Paperless Recorders designed for accurate recording and clear visual presentation of data from your process.

A collection of video graphic recorders capable of collecting and displaying up to 24 channels of data at once. Display types include TFT LCD and touchscreens, with various visual methods for showing data and trends. These paperless recorders come with a larger choice of inputs, alarms and additional memory options.

This allows you to choose the appropiate setup to uniquely suit your process requirements. With brands such as ABB and Yokogawa, we are confident we have the right recording solution for you.

More Information
Product NameData Recorder KD7
Ancillary Description
  • Intuitive display - LCD TFT 5.7’’ screen with touch panel.
  • Data archiving on CompactFlash card, capacity up to 4 GB.
  • IP65 protection grade on front panel.
  • Up to 24 measuring channels.
  • 12 analog inputs (programmable and standard).
  • 6 or 32 alarms outputs.
  • 8 or 16 digital inputs.
  • 4 or 8 analog outputs.
  • Visualization of measurements in digital form, analog indicators, diagrams, bargraphs.
  • RS-232, RS-485 and USB serial interfaces.
  • ETHERNET communication, WWW and FTP server, MODBUS SLAVE TCP/IP.
  • MS Windows® CE operating system.
  • Diversified user’s access rights.
  • Menu available in various language versions